Soil Penetrant
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Soil Penetrant & Wetting Agent

Soil Penetrant

Are you looking to improve water penetration into the soil of your lawn or landscape? Penterra™ is the product you've been looking for! Penterra™ is a professional grade soil penetrant and wetting agent formulated to regulate soil moisture. It will assist to loosen up hard clay soils, hydrate sandy soil and allow for water to better reach plant roots. To conserve water, Penterra is used in some of the world’s most elite golf and resort properties, ensuring proper moisture management for soil and plant health.

Soil Penetrant


  • United states

    "I have never seen a wetting agent move water so quickly through heavy soils before and I’ve used them all. I’ll give them credit, it really does what they say it will do."

    Robby Henderson
    Golf Course Superintendent
    Black Mountain Golf Club
    North Carolina
  • Uae

    "Here in Dubai we can have extreme challenges with the management of water and temperature which can have an effect on turfgrass health. Penterra has been a staple in many golf courses and sports turf settings to ensure adequate supply of water reaching the root zone for proper hydration."

    Hani Shahadeh
    President and CEO
    Ecovar Group
    Dubai, UAE
  • Ireland

    "We use Penterra in Ireland to move heavy rainfall through the soil fast. We apply the penetrant before the rain so it can pull the rain down and through the soil. It gets the water off the surface faster than anything else I have seen."

    Gerard Mcevoy
    Golf Course Superintendent
    Dunmurry Springs Golf Club
  • South african

    "Fresh water is something we all need to work to conserve. Penterra assists golf courses and landscape managers to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy soil environment."

    Julian Thorpe
    Durban South Africa
  • United states

    "The soils here in Maui can be hydrophobic in lieu of their volcanic origins. Penterra has assisted us with keeping water moving into the soils and managing hot spots efficiently."

    Darren Flanagan
    Director of Agronomy
    Makena Golf Club
    Maui, Hawaii
  • Guatemala

    "Como Guatelmalteco nuestro medio ambiente es muy imporante y necesitamos cuidar nuestros recursos naturales, los resultados que no han dado Penterra es de reducir nuestros tiempos de remojo estamos ahorrando actualmente 50 mil galones diarios eso quiere decir que eso al mes un millon y medio de galones de agua ahorrados."

    Ing. Edgar Marroquin
    El Fuego Maya Golf Club
Soil Penetrant
Soil Penetrant
Soil Penetrant
Soil Penetrant

Penterra™ Benefits

  • This soil penetrant works quickly to move water in to dry hydrophobic soils.

    Extremely Fast
  • Soil penetrants help with increasing much needed water in the areas of plant roots

    Hydrates Root Zone
  • Soil penetrants assist the soil through the exchange of water and air

    Conditions the Soil
  • Soil penetrants help to make better use of the limited availability of water so that less water is needed to hydrate plants.

    Saves Water
  • Soil penetrants help to keep soils moist and help with soil respiration

    Helps Soil Microbes
  • The soil penetrant Penterra is biodegradable

    Environmentally Friendly
  • Penterra is a soil penetrant that increases water movement down and through the soil

    Improves Drainage
  • Penterra is economical to the end user and because of better water management on the lawn and landscape less water is needed.

    Saves Money
  • Soil penetrants help to aggregate and move water down into heavy clay profiles

    Loosens Clay Soils
  • Maintaining proper soil moisture reduces stress on the plant

    Reduces Plant Stress
  • The movement of water down and through the soil helps with root mass and elongation.

    Improves Rooting
  • Soil Penetrants help to reduce the variables of compaction by allowing water to penetrate through the soil profile.

    Reduces Compaction
  • Soil penetrants helps the exchange of air into the soil

    Lets Soil Breathe
  • Penterra is a concentrated professional grade formula

    Concentrated Formula
  • When a limited availability of water is a variable Penterra helps to reduce run off and increase soil hydration

    Helps In Drought Conditions

Why can using a soil penetrant, wetting agent or surfactant be helpful to my yard or landscaped areas?

Managing the amount and movement of water in your lawn and landscape is a critical variable to soil ecologies and plant health. Whether you want to hold water in dry times or move water when it’s wet, the desired result is always the same: even distribution of moisture throughout the root zone. Click here for more information. Achieving this balanced state is an ongoing challenge, but without the proper tools it is a practical impossibility. Now with Penterra soil penetrant you too can manage water like the PROS! Order Penterra Today!

Equipment and supplies needed:

Garden sprayer, water and Penterra.

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